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Natural rainforests, unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes; Tasmania boasts beautiful scenery but the people, food and culture is what makes this place feel truly welcoming and makes for an amazing group tour.

Covering an area of 68,401 square kilometres, Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world and is home to about 500,000 residents, half who live in the great Hobart region.

Tasmania’s environment can only be described as “nature at its best”. The island, located 240 kilometres south from the mainland of Australia, feels like a world away upon arrival.

Almost 37 per cent of Tasmania is protected by reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites. The state is named after the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who made the first reported European sighting of the island on 24 November 1642.

Tasman named the island "Anthony van Diemen's Land" after his sponsor Anthony van Diemen, the Governor of the Dutch East Indies. The name was later shortened to Van Diemen's Land by the British. It was officially renamed Tasmania in honour of its first European discoverer on 1 January 1856.

Onboard a Lost In Australia Tasmania tour, travellers have the option of a wide range of activities on tour such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, a boat cruise and scenic plane flights. The major sites we visit include Cradle Mountain, Wineglass Bay, Port Arthur, Bay of Fires, Russell Falls and the Franklin River. We can combine your adventure tours depending on what sights you want to see. 

Using local tour guides, the focus is to teach visitors about the environment and cultural significance of the region, while offering an unforgettable experience of Tasmania’s natural beauty.

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